Esker-Lee has built a strong reputation over the years with our ongoing commitment to quality products, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction. We offer a complete line of aggregate material to suite many applications and needs of our customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email for a free estimate.  You can also try our calculator below to determine how much product you need.


  • Clear – Indicates stones with no fines, all stones are relatively same size and no small stones or sand mixed in.
  • Crushed – Stones that are fractured or flattened on one or two sides.
  • Crusher Run – Stones decreasing in size right down to stone dust.
  • Round – Clear stones that have not been crushed and are round in shape.
  • Granite – Products Excavated from the ground. Light Brown in colour. Solid, heavier rocks. If not crushed by a machine, the stones are more or less round. Only breaks are from stones hitting stones. Crushed by a machine, only fractures one side, ie. like a half moon.
  • Limestone Products – Blasted from a rock face. Light Grey / White in colour. Porous stones, lighter weight. Fractured on two sides, ie. flat on two sides similar to a brick

Please contact us should you have any questions, or you can request a quote. See our Aggregate Volume Calculator above.

Among the following product described below we also offer, Natural Canadian Red Pine Mulch used to creates an airy, light layer over soil in garden beds or around trees and shrubs and Tri-mix soil which is ideal for seeding lawns, rejuvenating garden beds, and placing underneath sod.

A Gravel- 3/4"3/4 Clear stoneHL Stone
A Gravel- 3/4"
Stone to stone chips mixed with sand. Used for driveway top coat, under asphalt and concrete. This is what you see on country side-roads (unpaved roads).
3/4 Clear
All stones are consistent in size. Good for drainage. Larger clear stone is good for a driveway base in a wet area, or poor ground.
HL 6 (1/4 - 3/4) Stone
Round or crushed good for drainage. Used for weeping tiles, in basements before concrete floor is poured. Good for around pools, and under decks. Not recommended for driveways or walkways, as the stones will shift and travel.
Limestone ScreeningsScreened BRiver stone
Limestone Screening
1/4" stone to stone dust. Great compaction for under patio slabs. Not recommended for walkways or driveway use due to dust in the product and tracks into homes.
Screened B
2" or smaller stones with sand. Used as a driveway, roadway or parking lot base.
River Rock / Stone
2" - 8" in size. Clear stone without fines. Provides good drainage. Used as a decorative rock. Good for around pools, in gardens, and along ponds.
Sand FillSeptic StoneSeptic Sand
Sand Fill
Used for backfill around homes and buildings, inside garages to bring up to grade. Must be compacted before concrete is poured.
7/8 Septic Stone
3/4" to 1" stone (No Fines). Used in tile beds. Swales.
Septic Sand
Use in the septic field or leach bed
Crusher RunMasonry SandTopsoil
4" Crusher Run
Used as a base material.
Masonry Sand
Also known as brick sand. This fine sand can be used in children's play boxes, as well as swept between interlocking joints.
For use in garden beds, and lawns. Unscreened and screened available